New Year, New Ideas.

It's been a constant learning experience. What are doing well and what could we be doing better. We've been brainstorming everyday to come up with the best things we can to offer our customers. We value and appreciate your feedback. If you ever have any thought please feel free to let Amy or I know, whether in person or via Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram or wherever.

Thank you all so much for coming into Breakaway.

Having a case of the Mondays.

Starting 12/17 we will be closed all day on Mondays....I need a break.

Well, mostly it's the kitchen needs a day off and it's been hard to coordinate baked goods for Monday for some reason. After the New Year we're looking at some additional bakery options so hopefully we can bring back Mondays.

Thanks for your patience as we figure things out.

Andy and Amy

Dinner Menu....Coming Wednesday 12/14

We're proud to announce that on Wednesday 12/14 we will begin our first official Dinner Service. For the past four weeks we have enjoyed serving our lunch menu from 11:30 to close just as much as you all have enjoyed it. But it has left us wanting for more.

We started looking into what we could do with what we have to offer that is inline with our culinary and ethical guidelines and I think you all will be pleased.

The first dinner menu will be going up on the website soon.