(not everyones day starts in the morning) 


Breakfast Sandwich
(Inspired by the unsung hero of NYC- the Bodega Breakfast Sandwich)
Egg/Cheese on a Brioche Roll - $5.75
Add House Made Ham or Bacon - $7

Eggs Benedict - $10
(The history is questionable but the results are not. Thank you Lemuel or Commodore Benedict)
Muffin/Ham or Bacon/Poached Egg/Hollandaise

Veggie Benedict - $9.00

Muffin/Spinach/Roasted Red Pepper/Portobello/Poached Egg/Bernaise

Omelette - $9.25

Pick from Ham/Sausage/Bacon/Roasted Veggies/Cheese and a choice of mixed greens or potatoes

Eggs and Grits - $10
Anson Mills Grits/ Poached Egg/Squash and Potato Hash

Braised Lentil Tartine - $8
Braised Lentil/Poached Egg/Goat Cheese/Autumn Greens

Yogurt and Granola - $6
Lemon Yogurt/House Granola/Seasonal Fruit/Chia Seeds

Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes - $9 (Saturday and Sunday Only)

French Toast - $9 (Saturday and Sunday Only)

Eggs and Toast with Potatoes- $8

Oatmeal - $7

w/Cinnamon Apples/Brown Sugar/Walnuts

Breakaway Toast - $6/ $7 w/a fried egg



Bacon/Ham/Sausage/Toast/Egg /Potato Hash





 ILombardia  2017 Edition- $12.75
(The Race of the Falling Leaves, the Monument of the Fall)
Chicken Scallopini/Tapenade/Goat Cheese/Roasted Bell Pepper/Greens/Balsamic Reduction on Ciabatta

The Connolly - $9.50
(Everything has an origin. The first reference to this classic dates back to Patrick Connolly in the 18th century.)
McKenzie Farms Honey Ham/Swiss/Pickled Cucumber/Greens/Dijonaise on Country Bread

Tofu Banh Mi - $9
Crispy Tofu/Pickled Vegetables/Cilantro/ Sweet and Hot NC Peppers /on Baguette

Yorkshire - $13
Roast Beef/Lettuce/Pickled Carrots/Horseradish Mayo/ Cheddar on a Soft Roll

Roasted Portobello Mushroom - $11.50
Portobello Mushrooms/Roasted Bell Pepper/Horseradish Mayo/Smoked Gouda/Greens on Ciabatta

Grilled Cheese (for grown ups) - $10

Why Should Kids Have all the Fun/Truffle Cheddar on Country Bread with a cup of Mushroom Soup

The Cambridge- (a hummus sandwich) - $10

House Made Hummus/Carrots/Green Apple/Sharp Cheddar/Cucumber/ Avocado/ Frisee Lettuce and Honey Mustard 

Braised Lentil Tartine - $8
Braised Lentil/Poached Egg/Goat Cheese/Greens

Tarragon Chicken Salad - $10

Chicken Salad/Spring Greens on Baguette

T/A/BLT - $12.75

Turkey/Avocado/Bacon/Greens/Tomato/Dijonaise on Country Bread

Carolina Cubano - $11

House Smoked Pulled Pork/Roast Turkey/Swiss/Pickles/Cackalacky® BBQ Sauce on Ciabatta

Roast Sweet Potato

Roast Sweet Potato/Sun Dried Tomato Goat Cheese/Spiced Honey and Greens on Baguette- $10.50



Soup Of The Day- $6

Cup of Soup and Grilled Cheese - $10

(aka- Grilled Cheese for Grown Ups)

Soup and 1/2 Sandwich - $9

(Choice of Chicken Salad or Ham and Cheese or Turkey and Cheese)



The sweeter side

Ice Cream (from Maple View Farms)


Single Scoop- $3

Double Scoop- $6

Regular Chocolate Sundae- $5.50

Large Chocolate Sundae- $7.25

Affogato- $6


Farmhouse Salad - $13

Chicken/Hardboiled Egg/Farmhouse Vegetables/Radishes/Bleu Cheese/Citrus Vinaigrette

Super Fuel - $11

Lentils/Chickpeas/Carrots/Tofu/Chia Seeds/Vinaigrette

The Hummus - $8
Hummus/Roasted Pepper/Endive/Crispy Garbanzo/Balsamic/Feta/Orange

Cascade Salad - $9

Apples/Cranberries/Candies Nuts/Goat Cheese/Mixed Greens/Balsamic Vinagrette

Roots and Shoots - $9

Beets/Carrots/Spinach/Blackberry/Almond/Citrus Vinaigrette 

Kale Lemon Parmesan Caesar - $9

(The Elevated Caesar: Lighter, Healthier, Happier )

Kale/Olive Tapenade Crouton/Shaved Parmesan

Super Food - $10

Pomegranate/Soy Bean/Quinoa/Seeds/Nuts/Red Wine Vinaigrette

Components (Add to Salads)

Avocado - $2

Chicken - $5

Steak - $6



Naked (Frites or French Fries or However You Want to Call it) -$4

Montreal (inspired by the original) - $8


Mexico - $8.75

Lentils/Cheddar/Chillis/Pico De Gallo/Sour Cream

North Carolina - $9.50

House Smoked Pulled Pork/Cackalacky® BBQ Sauce


Mini Cheese Pizza

Crispy Chicken

Ham and Cheese

Turkey Sandwich

Grilled Cheese

Kids Pasta (Butter/Parm,Cheesy Sauce or Red Sauce)

Includes Choice of (Fries,Fruit,Steamed or Raw Veggies, Salad) $7.00 



Now Serving- 5:00 pm-8:00 pm

Our Lunch Menu will also be available

We are committed to fresh, local and ethical food.



N.C. Crab Cakes

W/ corn remoulade over mixed greens


Chicken Veggie Pie

Stewed Springer Mtn Farms chicken/spring vegetables/puffed pastry crust


Veggie Mushroom Pie

Stewed shiitake and portobello mushrooms/onion and tomato/crisped potatoes/puffed pastry crust


Painted Hills Pasture Raised Beef Burger

(we switch this up from time to time ask your server)

Lettuce, tomato, cheddar, frittes and a side of local greens 


Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger

Bib lettuce, tomato, avocado, frittes and a side of local greens 



Served with orchetta au gratin and green beans



Served with frittes and fried brussel sprouts



W/ portobello mushroom/corn/spinach/sun dried tomato/goat cheese 



Draft Beers

  • We offer a constantly rotating...well more of a often rotating (because I love Fullsteam Rocket Science IPA) selection of predominately local beers.


  • Because sometimes you need a glass ofé....