(not everyones day starts in the morning) 


Breakfast Sandwich
(Inspired by the unsung hero of NYC- the Bodega Breakfast Sandwich)
Egg/Cheese on a Brioche Roll - $5.75
Add House Made Ham or Bacon - $7

Eggs Benedict - $10
(The history is questionable but the results are not. Thank you Lemuel or Commodore Benedict)
Muffin/Ham or Bacon/Poached Egg/Hollandaise

Veggie Benedict - $9.00

Muffin/Spinach/Roasted Red Pepper/Portobello/Poached Egg/Bernaise

Omelette - $9.25

Pick from Ham/Sausage/Bacon/Roasted Veggies/Cheese and a choice of mixed greens or potatoes

Eggs and Grits - $10
Anson Mills Grits/ Poached Egg/Squash and Potato Hash

Braised Lentil Tartine - $8
Braised Lentil/Poached Egg/Goat Cheese/Autumn Greens

Yogurt and Granola - $6
Lemon Yogurt/House Granola/Seasonal Fruit/Chia Seeds

Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes - $9 (Saturday and Sunday Only)

French Toast - $9 (Saturday and Sunday Only)

Eggs and Toast with Potatoes- $8

Oatmeal - $7

w/Cinnamon Apples/Brown Sugar/Walnuts

Breakaway Toast - $6/ $7 w/a fried egg



Bacon/Ham/Sausage/Toast/Egg /Potato Hash





 ILombardia  2017 Edition- $12.75
(The Race of the Falling Leaves, the Monument of the Fall)
Chicken Scallopini/Tapenade/Goat Cheese/Roasted Bell Pepper/Greens/Balsamic Reduction on Ciabatta

The Connolly - $9.50
(Everything has an origin. The first reference to this classic dates back to Patrick Connolly in the 18th century.)
McKenzie Farms Honey Ham/Swiss/Pickled Cucumber/Greens/Dijonaise on Country Bread

Tofu Banh Mi - $9
Crispy Tofu/Pickled Vegetables/Cilantro/ Sweet and Hot NC Peppers /on Baguette

Yorkshire - $13
Roast Beef/Lettuce/Pickled Carrots/Horseradish Mayo/ Cheddar on a Soft Roll

Roasted Portobello Mushroom - $11.50
Portobello Mushrooms/Roasted Bell Pepper/Horseradish Mayo/Smoked Gouda/Greens on Ciabatta

Grilled Cheese (for grown ups) - $10

Why Should Kids Have all the Fun/Truffle Cheddar on Country Bread with a cup of Mushroom Soup

The Cambridge- (a hummus sandwich) - $10

House Made Hummus/Carrots/Green Apple/Sharp Cheddar/Cucumber/ Avocado/ Frisee Lettuce and Honey Mustard 

Braised Lentil Tartine - $8
Braised Lentil/Poached Egg/Goat Cheese/Greens

Tarragon Chicken Salad - $10

Chicken Salad/Spring Greens on Baguette

T/A/BLT - $12.75

Turkey/Avocado/Bacon/Greens/Tomato/Dijonaise on Country Bread

Carolina Cubano - $11

House Smoked Pulled Pork/Roast Turkey/Swiss/Pickles/Cackalacky® BBQ Sauce on Ciabatta

Roast Sweet Potato

Roast Sweet Potato/Sun Dried Tomato Goat Cheese/Spiced Honey and Greens on Baguette- $10.50



Soup Of The Day- $6

Cup of Soup and Grilled Cheese - $10

(aka- Grilled Cheese for Grown Ups)

Soup and 1/2 Sandwich - $9

(Choice of Chicken Salad or Ham and Cheese or Turkey and Cheese)



The sweeter side

Ice Cream (from Maple View Farms)


Single Scoop- $3

Double Scoop- $6

Regular Chocolate Sundae- $5.50

Large Chocolate Sundae- $7.25

Affogato- $6


Farmhouse Salad - $13

Chicken/Hardboiled Egg/Farmhouse Vegetables/Radishes/Bleu Cheese/Citrus Vinaigrette

Super Fuel - $11

Lentils/Chickpeas/Carrots/Tofu/Chia Seeds/Vinaigrette

The Hummus - $8
Hummus/Roasted Pepper/Endive/Crispy Garbanzo/Balsamic/Feta/Orange

Cascade Salad - $9

Apples/Cranberries/Candies Nuts/Goat Cheese/Mixed Greens/Balsamic Vinagrette

Roots and Shoots - $9

Beets/Carrots/Spinach/Blackberry/Almond/Citrus Vinaigrette 

Kale Lemon Parmesan Caesar - $9

(The Elevated Caesar: Lighter, Healthier, Happier )

Kale/Olive Tapenade Crouton/Shaved Parmesan

Super Food - $10

Pomegranate/Soy Bean/Quinoa/Seeds/Nuts/Red Wine Vinaigrette

Components (Add to Salads)

Avocado - $2

Chicken - $5

Steak - $6



Naked (Frites or French Fries or However You Want to Call it) -$4

Montreal (inspired by the original) - $8


Mexico - $8.75

Lentils/Cheddar/Chillis/Pico De Gallo/Sour Cream

North Carolina - $9.50

House Smoked Pulled Pork/Cackalacky® BBQ Sauce


Mini Cheese Pizza

Crispy Chicken

Ham and Cheese

Turkey Sandwich

Grilled Cheese

Kids Pasta (Butter/Parm,Cheesy Sauce or Red Sauce)

Includes Choice of (Fries,Fruit,Steamed or Raw Veggies, Salad) $7.00 



Now Serving- 5:00 pm-8:00 pm

Our Lunch Menu will also be available

We are committed to fresh, local and ethical food.



House-made Ricotta

Served w/ local tomatoes and cantaloupe, mint and basil, with agro dolce, olives and house-made ciabatta



Painted Hills N.Y. Strip Steak

Over potato and black bean hash w/ a fried egg and chimichurri


N.C. Crab Cakes

W/ corn remoulade over mixed greens


Chicken Veggie Pie

Stewed Springer Mtn Farms chicken/spring vegetables/puffed pastry crust


Beef and Portobello Burger

Fried green tomato and bacon w/ frittes and a salad


Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger

Bib lettuce and Pineapple Salsa w/ frittes and a salad



Whites - From lightest body to heaviest

Pertico Pinot Grigio ’15 Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy  - Glass/ $7.00

Mucho Mas Sauvignon Blanc ’15 Central Valley, Chile - Glass/ $6.00

Manifesto Chardonnay ’14 North Coast, California - Glass/ $8.00


Reds - 


Ancora Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ’14 - Italy - Cost 5.99 - SRP $6.00

San Elias Cabernet Sauvignon ’15 Central Valley, Chile - Glass/ $7.00

Maipe Malbec ’15 - Mendoza, Argentina - Glass/ $8.00


Draft Beers


  • Biere De Garde-An homage to higher-gravity French farmhouse ales,

    Biere de Garde roughly translates to “beer for keeping.” Our version re ects the historical realities of this style of farming, when brewers made do with what was on hand. With three types of barley, wheat, rye, and oats, its aroma smacks of apple, pear, almond, and vanilla, with just a hint of lemon rind - $6.00

  • Don’t Be Mean to People: A Golden Rule-Saison- We brewed this beer, along with 40+ other participants, to raise money and awareness around HB 2, a bill that we believe violates Golden Rule #000001. It
    is brewed with North Carolina grain, yeast, and sorghum molasses. - $6.00

  • Altbier- is a traditional German-style Ale that we make with all Ger- man malt and hops. It’s fairly hoppy for a German beer, with a solid malt foundation to balance out the experience. - $6.00

  • Tripel


  • Working Man's Lunch- Chocolate Brown Ale
  • Rocket Science
  • Earl Grey Tea Session Pale Ale